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2016 Meeting Minutes BACK TO MINUTES

November 2016
Thursday, November 17, 2016
OFFICE OF RECLAMATION DISTRICT No. 3 GRAND ISLAND PO BOX 1011 WALNUT GROVE, CA 95690 MINUTES REGULAR MEETING Chairman Fonseca opened the regular meeting at 9:00 A.M. The regular meeting of Reclamation District #3 was held November 17, 2016 at 14160 Grove St, Walnut Grove. Present were Trustees Buddy Fonseca, Les Lyman, Jason Culbertson, Daniel Wilson, Joey Sanchez and General Manager Dave Robinson and Secretary Bruce Pisoni. Absent was engineer from MBK Gilbert Cosio. Manager’s Report: David Robinson reported that levee cleaning was done and canals should be done in about 2 weeks. Padilla tore his Achilles tendon and will be out of work for awhile. Aaron Beaver wants to have the dam below Walker Landing pulled out, but Dave feels it may not have the desired effect. Approval of Agenda and Consent Calendar It was moved by Les Lyman and seconded by Daniel Wilson to approve the agenda for the November 2016 meeting. Motion passed 5-0-0. It was moved by Jason Culbertson and seconded by Buddy Fonseca to approve the Consent Calendar for November 2016 and to approve minutes and treasurer’s report for October-November 2016 and approve expenditures for the month of$100,690.21 and approve $50,000.00 for warrant #2392. Motion passed 5-0-0. PUBLIC COMMENT: None. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT- None BOARD MEMBER REPORTS: Les Lyman stated he drove around the island and feels the shape of levees within the District are very good. Joey Sanchez questioned the District’s liability regarding roads near District canals. Les suggested to have a letter in the District’s files and submit it to CalTrans stating our policy and concerns about road safety issues. There was also discussion about having a safety review and to have Dave Robinson review insurance issues for the upcoming insurance renewal. ENGINEER’S REPORT: See attached.. OLD BUSINESS: None. NEW BUSINESS: It was moved by Daniel Wilson and seconded by Les Lyman to approve Resolution 16-06 Signature Specimen for the County. Motion passed 5-0-0. It was moved by Daniel Wilson and seconded by Les Lyman to approve the 2017 budget as presented. Motion passed 5-0-0. The manager’s job description was tabled until next meeting. The DWR Subventions work agreement was signed. Dave Robinson is to review insurance coverage and to discuss with the agent cost for increasing D&O coverage and umbrella coverage. Payroll and other employee policies are to be reviewed at the next meeting. Meeting was adjourned at 10:00 AM. NEXT REGULAR MEETING: Thursday December 15, 2016 @ 9:00 AM Respectfully submitted, _____________________________________ ______________________________ Secretary Chairman Bruce Pisoni A.J. Fonseca, Jr.