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2010 Meeting Minutes BACK TO MINUTES

August Board Meeting
Thursday, August 19, 2010



PO BOX 104
RYDE, CA 95680


The regular meeting of Reclamation District #3 was held August 19, 2010 in the district office. Present were, Trustees Buddy Fonseca, Charlie McDowell, Joey Sanchez (Arrived 9:15am), Aaron Beaver, Secretary Bruce Pisoni, Superintendent Severiano Padilla and Engineer Gilbert Cosio. Chairman Ken Pucci was absent.

Acting Chairman Buddy Fonseca opened the regular meeting at 9:10 A.M., Charlie McDowell moved and Aaron Beaver seconded to approve the agenda. Motion passed 3-0-2.

It was moved by Charlie McDowell and seconded by Aaron Beaver to approve the Consent Calendar relating to the minutes of the previous meeting and expenditures of $46,865.66 and to issue warrant 2317 in the amount of $50,000.00 to replenish cash. Motion passed 3-0-2.


OLD BUSINESS: Phase IV and records storage-tabled.
Medical insurance premiums were discussed and it was decided to follow up when the policy expires in June 2011.

ENGINEER’S REPORT: See Memorandum. The District should receive about $375,000 in subventions for 2009-2010. It was moved by Charlie McDowell and seconded by Aaron Beaver to authorize the Secretary, Bruce Pisoni sign the subvention final claim for 2009-2010. Motion passed 4-0-1.

It was also moved by Charlie McDowell and seconded by Aaron Beaver to accept the bid from Asta Construction for the bank protection project in the amount of $49,913. Motion passed 4-0-1.

Gilbert is to review the DWR request for access.

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Severiano Padilla stated that Terry with the goats was asking if the District wanted use them again this year. Gilbert Cosio is to contact him and discuss it.

The Hitachi will be tested next week to see if it will overheat.

NEW BUSINESS: There was discussion regarding the District using a mower on its own. It was decided to rent one to see how well it worked and maybe buy one at a later date if it worked out.

Gilbert Cosio is to contact the company that sprays the levees from the waterside for vegetation control.

It was decided to wait on the website issue until Brannan-Andrus have finished their website to see how well it worked.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 AM.


September 16, 2010 @ 9:00 AM

District Office.

Respectfully submitted,

Secretary Chairman
Bruce Pisoni Ken Pucci