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2012 Meeting Minutes BACK TO MINUTES

May 2012
Thursday, May 17, 2012



PO BOX 1011
The regular meeting of Reclamation District #3 was held May 17, 2012 at Aaron Beaver’s office located at 14420 Hwy 160, Walnut Grove.  Present were Chairman Buddy Fonseca, Trustees Charlie McDowell, Joey Sanchez, Aaron Beaver, Jerry Dusa, Secretary Bruce Pisoni, Superintendent Dave Robinson, Severiano Padilla and Engineer Gilbert Cosio...
Chairman Fonseca opened the regular meeting at 9:04 A.M., Charlie McDowell moved and Joey Sanchez seconded to approve the agenda. Motion passed 5-0-0.  It was moved by Jerry Dusa and seconded Joey Sanchez to approve the Consent Calendar relating to the minutes of the previous meeting and expenditures of $37,955.63 and to issue warrant 2343 in the amount of $40,000 to replenish cash.  Motion passed 5-0-0.    
CHAIRMAN’S REPORT- Buddy Fonseca requested that Board continue to review the duties and responsibilities list.
TREASUSER’S REPORT- Treasurer Bruce Pisoni stated that subventions reimbursement was received in the amount of $354,255.  Trustee Jerry Dusa had questions about how the program worked and Gilbert Cosio responded.
GENERAL MANAGER’S REPORT:  Dave Robinson reported that the Stefani appraisal should be ready next week. It was suggested to the attorney review the appraisal before presenting it to Paul Stefani.
Safety World has agreed to a $1,200 annual fee for their services.
Dave is looking for a trap wagon for the diesel tank to be able to store diesel on site.  The District will need to deal with waste oil and filters which will require an EPA number and the District will need a container.
The 150hp pump leaks water and needs repair.
Chairman Fonseca asked about an inventory of equipment the District has.  Dave will work on this.
It was decided by the Board to try and sell the old 125hp motor which was replaced.
Mowing is being completed and Severiano is mowing everything that could e mowed.  It appeared the only area that could not be mowed was from Walnut Grove to the Steamboat Bridge.  There was discussion on how the mower was paying for itself and Gilbert Cosio will calculate how that is going.
Dave met with the insurance agent to review the policy.  It was suggested to increase the liability above the $1m amount.   The Trustees are to review this and report back at the next meeting to determine if that amount should be increased.
Dave asked about capital improvement projects and how that is determined.  Next meeting that issue will be discussed.
A credit card is to be issued to Dave Robinson by the District.
Severiano brought up an issue with a ditch near Steamboat Orchard and whether or not the District should be cleaning the ditch.  Dave is to look into the requirements of the District and this ditch.
ENGINEER’S REPORT: See Memorandum.  
OLD BUSINESS:  Leary Rd dam was tabled.
The permit fees were reviewed with the Engineer’s report.
The Stefani appraisal and the Safety Consulting items were discussed with the Manager’s report.
NEW BUSINESS:   The annual audited financial statements were reviewed.  Jerry Dusa asked about the issue with property not being properly reported and what impact that may have on the District.  The Treasurer explained that there would be very little if any impact.
Resolution 12-02 regarding past due assessments being sent to the County for collections was presented.  The resolution was passed and signed by the board.
Meeting was adjourned at 10:50 AM.

June 21, 2012 @ 9:00 AM

District Office
Respectfully submitted,
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Secretary                                                                                 Chairman
Bruce Pisoni                                                                     Armand “Buddy” Fonseca