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2010 Meeting Minutes BACK TO MINUTES

November Board Meeting
Thursday, November 18, 2010



PO BOX 104
RYDE, CA 95680


The regular meeting of Reclamation District #3 was held November 18, 2010 in the district office. Present were, Chairman Kenny Pucci, Trustees Buddy Fonseca, Charlie McDowell, Joey Sanchez, Aaron Beaver (Arrived 9:30 am), Secretary Bruce Pisoni, Superintendent Severiano Padilla and Engineer Gilbert Cosio. Guests were Dan Lawton, Steve Heringer & Jeff Hart.

Chairman Kenny Pucci opened the regular meeting at 9:05 A.M., Buddy Fonseca moved and Joey Sanchez moved seconded to approve the agenda and move items of old and new business, Coalition of North & Central Delta Districts and Vegetation Projects to the front of the agenda. Motion passed 4-0-1.

It was moved by Charlie McDowell and seconded by Joey Sanchez to approve the Consent Calendar relating to the minutes of the previous meeting (September 18, 2010) and expenditures of $149,202.31 and to issue warrants 2319, 2320, 2321 in the amounts of $50,000.00, $25,000.00 & $80,000.00 respectively to replenish cash. Motion passed 4-0-1.


OLD BUSINESS: Steve Heringer solicited the District to join the Coalition of North & Central Districts to support that group’s efforts. There was discussion regarding the Coalition, its goals and its purpose as well as whether the District’s purpose could support the Coalition. It appeared that there was sufficient common purpose and it was moved by Ken Pucci and seconded by Charlie McDowell to support the Coalition and to investigate the legalities of providing financial assistance.

Jeff Hart discussed planting rye grass to replace cattails at certain locations. The Board supported the effort and asked Gilbert Cosio to work with Jeff Hart. The item is to be added to the next agenda.

Phase IV was discussed and it appears that it is being passed around at the Corps. Gilbert Cosio reported that nothing new has developed.

Records storage was tabled.

Ken Pucci reported that there has been no response from the website developer regarding the site.

ENGINEER’S REPORT: See Memorandum. It was moved by Buddy Fonseca and seconded by Aaron Beaver to approve the Labor Compliance Contract with North Valley Labor Compliance Services. Motion passed 5-0-0.

Gilbert Cosio directed the District not to pay the amount submitted by Empire Landscaping for $250,000 because the billing was not in agreement with the contract. He suggested submitting it to the District’s attorney for review and advice. It was moved by Aaron Beaver and seconded by Buddy Fonseca to send the contract to Downey Brand for review. Motion passed 5-0-0.

Gilbert Cosio is to contact CalTrans to find out why the District has not received the spray chemicals the District was supposed to have gotten from CalTrans.

The notice of completion on the bank protection project completed by Asta Construction is to be submitted to the county and the bill is to be paid.

Gilbert Cosio is working on flood mapping for the county. It will include exit routes, where equipment is located and other items that may be needed in case of a breach of the levee.

SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Severiano Padilla reported that the Corps changed locks on the gates new keys will have to be obtained.

Pape should have ordered the doors for the excavator, but the District has not heard from them. He will contact them.

Some dead trees are to be removed from the levee and there is grass pile near the Mansion that needs to be cleaned up.

Severiano will be on vacation from December 22 to January 11.

NEW BUSINESS: The mower demonstration was discussed. It was moved by Joey Sanchez and seconded by Aaron Beaver to continue with the purchase process. It may have to go out to bid. Motion passed 5-0-0.

Tree topping issue was tabled.

It was moved by Charlie McDowell and seconded by Buddy Fonseca to approve the Assessment Resolution Call # 27 for 2010. Motion passed 5-0-0.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:45 AM.


December 16, 2010 @ 9:00 AM

District Office.

Respectfully submitted,

Secretary Chairman
Bruce Pisoni Ken Pucci